Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Who is you?

Somebody Keeps Me Very Interested but pisses me off a little bit. I am polite but feel like I'm being severely jacked with. The trouble I have with it is I know what I've signed and I feel taken advantage of. I would not have signed away my rights if I had known the extent of all of this. I expect to be paid. I expect to be loved. I'm not in it for some grand standing showboating. I'm in it for love and money is very important to me and my would be mrs. Who is she? Is she even available? I think she is but how should I effing know for sure. She doesn't call. She just plays foolish games and messes with my phone and computer. I'm not down and out, I'm just saying. Who expects me to stand when I'm lacking the motivation to know the truth. I don't want no god-damned bait and switch. I'm a carnivore and I want the cricket on the hook. I expect to be let go to return to my family. Does that make any effing sense to anyone listening. Yah, I'm pissed. Should I be grateful and just take my meds. Should I drink the tainted water? Kool, I have aides. Big deal. I'm not a loser. I deserve to be able to do my job and be me but with her I am more me. Is that her job? Who the hell knows but Steven, I've got issues with you right now. You to babe.

And you're response is of course, 'prove it'. How fucking convenient. Liars and lawbreakers... there's legal and then what's right. I want my privacy. I want a wife who loves me and doesn't cheat. I don't want to be the other guy. I don't want to be step-dad. I know what that admission could mean. I am willing to love your child but if he has a dad then I can be a role model. But you have to be sure that you love me and not him. The ball's in your court so you contact me in the real world when you know what the hell you want. I'll be here, just don't make me wait too long. I had two years and you did nothing. What's the story there? Were you not keeping tabs? How was my roommate involved? Am I crazy? No, I think not.

Only the paranoid survive... --Bill Gates.