Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Disappointment sets in?

Is it real and if so what does that really mean in the long-run? I've got to say God-damn the people who don't hear. I know you hear but you seem to ignore. Are you shy? Are you ashamed? Is it a tease? I don't care, not today. I mean I always care, it just seems like today it doesn't matter if I care or not. It seems out of reach and pointless. But I still believe. I still feel we are worth it. I'm afraid I'm the only one to care and not the only one too. What does it mean? Perhaps only time will tell but it doesn't seem like time is speeding up to me, it seems like it's going at a snails pace. I hurt with sadness. I think you might say "Good" to that. I guess I deserve to feel this way with all you've had to put up with regarding my history. Today, I am only guessing despite all I think I know.
l8r jj,