Wednesday, November 14, 2012

12 years

If it's truly been twelve years then I don't understand exactly why you would want to put it off any longer when it's clear that we are better together. If you need time give me a time frame that's accurate but don't keep me in the dark stumbling around trying to find my way. I'm a people-pleaser if you'd give me a shot but let me know definitively on a real and personal level that I'm not being lead on. 12 years of mistakes and loneliness is enough for me. 12 years of settling for other people and other things. No words can express it and I know you feel the same. Action is love. But the single life is no longer viable for me if I've had a taste of the truth to come. I need daily affirmation from you, not just from family, friends or myself. I'm no good by myself. Give me a break. Break free or leave me be. Reveal the prestige. Work with me in a real way not a virtual way. I need human contact to know it's for real. Call me. You have resources... Use them, set me free. You free me.
I'm a slave to myself. Teamwork works. I've got your back if you have mine which I know you do. I, again, know what I've signed and I need a real sign that it's true.