I've usually got several irons in the fire and today is no different. However, as I've been going through the collection of papers and other files that span the past twenty years, I've been shocked that as much of it still exists. It will be quite an undertaking but I'm planning on releasing another book. It's questionable whether I will actually re-release "CodeBase" at this point but I've yet to rule it out. It's been suggested that I do a sequel to it, which could be interesting. In going through so much of my material over the past twenty years, I've certainly decided that I can no longer withhold so much of it. This of course means that I'll finally be promoting and really trying to build a buzz. I'll always appreciate any help but I've learned how tenacity can truly pay off. In other words, "Hello World!" Check back soon to get the latest scoop of my latest and upcoming projects. Lots of changes will be oozing out of this site, like a pb&j with too much jelly. I've been shocked at the mountain of material that you all are about to experience. As always, Enjoy!