Thursday, August 27, 2009

Shameful acts

Y'know, I walked by some guy standing on a corner by himself, holding a sign that was condemning homosexuality. I shrugged him off and walked by him, pitying the man for his lack of understanding. I walked a couple of blocks, and then it occurred to me that this idiot was claming he was Christian. I turned around and walked back to where he was standing. I asked, "Hey, I gotta question. That sign your holding that's condemning the sins of others there... ...could you remind me where it says in that book you're holding that it's your job to not only pass judgment on others but also condemn them? Because if I'm not mistaken, it was that 'savior' guy, y'know Jesus, who said 'let he without sin cast the first stone'. And didn't he also say something about 'judge not let ye be judged'?" Well of course he proceeded to tell me from his platform of false-pride that I hadn't read the Bible. He quoted some verses out of Romans as if the words of any of the apostles should be taken to superceed those words and actions of the one they had called Master. Just sayin'.

I've been so apalled by society at large, especially recently. I think so much of it is the unconciounable amount of hypocrisy, ignorance, arrogance and just plain lunacy that so many people seem to suffer from. I've almost gotten to the point that I don't blame most people because they've been indoctrinated into this world and have been spoonfed their cultures, complete with their warped senses of patriotism, warped religious views(which often have little to actually do with what the religion actually teaches), etc. We in America are almost completely oblivious. We are so self-righteous, and we cling to delusional ideas that "we're number one". I want to be proud to be an American but honestly America and Americans disappoint me.

Right now, we are occupying no less than 2 countries that we are actively fighting a 'war' that we waged, which can never be won. You can disagree and say we were attacked. Maybe we were or maybe it was a false-flag operation that we won't know about for a long time or ever. Either way, we had an opportunity to put aside our differences and we squandered it. Wake up people. There are something like 7 billion people on the planet and each and every one of them has a heart and a brain and yet we need to be divisive. Wake up!

I heard a report that more money is being made through internet scams now that there is money being made through illegal drug trafficking. I know you've seen some of them. Either your 'dream girl' you get to chat with needs you to send $2500 for a plane ticket so you can 'be together' or some guy in Ethiopia has been given a large amount of money, some of which he will give to you if you just open an account at this bank by depositing this $1500 for a security deposit so that he can use the millions of imaginary money to organize a way to educate starving kids. Heartless, shameful acts that some governments, like the United States, claim that the 'terrorists' are using that money to carry out attacks with.

The other day I read a report that the United States Navy is looking into a way of developing a 'biofuel' for jet fighters that is made through some process which extracts carbon dioxide from ocean water. Sounds good at first huh? Think it through though. First, the motivation is entirely wrong. Sure, the fish and sharks and whales and other animals in the ocean need oxygen but even as big as the ocean is how long will it be before we have moved from fueling war planes to go bomb other countries into submission so we can plunder their natural resources before we think 'hey, let's power cars and homes and our computers with this ocean water bio-fuel' and the next thing you know the oceanic ecosystem is completely turned upside down because we are extracting all the carbon-dioxide that the plant life needs to live, which the animals in the ocean need to live and then we have dead oceans, all because we wanted to pretend like we were being 'eco-friendly' when we go bomb the crap out of some country that doesn't even have freakin' jet fighters...

Let's let the oil companies dictate the future of energy and let them just charge us more for something that burns a little cleaner instead of using existing technologies and developing those even further so that we have completely emission free means of grid-independent, self-contained and self-powered solutions. The energy companies' profits are more important to them then the environment. If that wasn't true, they would not be looking at bio-fuels. Shameful acts.

Y'know that old Jesus fellow these 'christians' are always talking about, saying he's gonna come back and raise the dead... that's right, that when you die, you don't go straight to heaven, you have to wait, dead, for the J-man to come back and when he does he will wake up those he 'judges' to be worthy... Read the Bible? The key is wisdom which is laughable because mere common sense is so uncommon, let alone wisdom. Science proves, PROVES UNEQUIVOCALLY so many things, yet people still cling to their 2000 year old doctrine and dogma that even contradicts at times what the book they base the doctrine and dogma on, instead of looking at physical factual proof that removes certain mysteries.