Thursday, August 27, 2009

I don't watch television much (I don't even own an idiot box) I had chosen not to focus a whole lot on following the news really closely. I am online a lot. I have focused quite a bit over recent months on more historical research, a lot of it centered around the Greco-Egyptian/Roman transition of power and the signifigance in those events upon the formation of the three major world religions within that relatively brief 1000 year period. The idea of being able to think, because we have been given brains, is key to all three of the world's major religions. Wisdom is not just knowing some facts, of course.

I'm not a political science major. I'm not, nor have I ever been, a public servant in any capacity. My understanding of politics and government is limited but I tend to think that I might actually have a better understanding of politics and government than at least 80% of Americans, which I'd say gives me at least some room to have an opinion because I will try to make sure I understand at least something about the issues that I feel I deserve to opin about.

Last November, following the conclusion of the presidential elecction, I was watching a certain 24 hour cable news station. I was impressed by a certain political commentator/pundint that had been active as a voice for the Republican party. I didn't agree with the commentator's politics or most of her arguments. At times, I sincerely thought, "how can she possibly believe the things she's saying?" It was only after the election, when I saw her making strides to encourage other Republicans to back the man who would be president, that I was impressed by her.

Within the past two weeks I'd started paying a little more attention to the 'debate' that was heating up over the health-care bill. The 'dissent' that was being justified as free speech was not dissent at all and was only a thinly veiled attempt by some remarkably ignorant people to justify hate speech. I saw no rational arguments coming from those holding up a swastika in protest. It seemed amazingly hypocritical to see those holding up swastikas yelling about... whatever, I'm tired of attempting to justify or legitemize that type of lunacy.

I saw the same pundint's blog and read a post that was insulting to my intelligence. It was off base and was little more than hard right propoganda. Right now I see that the democrats are trying to pretend like they are listening and are in fact only posturing and although it may be understandable it is a no more acceptable position to be approaching any sort of legislation than the way the republicans are right now. The republicans are fighting for changes in this bill and not a single one that I've heard of has indicated that they have any intention of ever actually voting for the bill. So, to clarify, they are 'wasting' time and money to work on adding amendments to a bill that they don't believe in. Yet at the same time, no one is proposing any other ideas. Don't like the bill, write a new one, but working for changes to make it work for everyone, as much as is realistically possible, should be the goal. Senators and Congressmen are public servants... Serve the people. You are there to represent the people who cannot represent themselves.

I chastised the one pundint because I believed she was abusing her position to help other people understand the facts, not opinions without any basis. Today I was happy to see Andrea Tantaros take a stand and actually embrace facts and not just propogate the conservative republican propoganda that has been lacking any real argument. I don't agree with her continuing to encourage the devisive party loyalty but she did make what I view is a realistic and logical argument.

George Washington in his Farewell Address (really just an open letter) talked about several things that we as a country should avoid to preserve the country. One of the biggest things he warned about was partisan politics. Get that?! By the time the FIRST PRESIDENT left office, he was already able to warn about the danger of partisan politics. I don't have a solution for that because I know people have different ideas but I also know that there are so many who claim to be something they are not and that we are all more similar than we are different, if only we could see that...

I expect my posts to become more poignant as I continue to blog so I hope you will forgive me if this seems a little scattered. That said, now as always, I welcome your comments...