Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My 2 Cents

This blog is only my opinion. You are welcome to disagree or agree. I invite you to share your opinions. I will attempt to be open to your opinions and hope you will do the same by attempting to be open to my opinions. I believe we can only be right sometimes if we can be honest with ourselves and be humble enough to admit where we are wrong. Admitting we are wrong allows us to grow into greater understanding. Being 'wrong' is often just a matter of lacking a full understanding, or at least enough of one to make an informed decision.

I will focus my energies on this blog in a variety of areas that interest me. These will not be limited to any one scope. Nothing is off limits as far as I'm concerned. Politics, religion, technology, history, science, health, movies, music... ...all of these and likely more are topics that I'll talk about.

Hope you will enjoy my perspectives and help me hone my perspectives by sharing yours.