Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Setting Up My Apple iBook G4

Alright, now I'm not so tired. I've been working on setting up my iBook and I'm very pleased so far. I got a gigabyte of RAM, so now I've got 1.25gb of RAM installed to match it's 1.25Ghz processor. I am still getting used to the keyboard though.

I've done a very little bit of recording using Garageband, using my new microphone and guitar. It's a really nice microphone that my dad bought me for Christmas. I've even got some new monitor headphones that he got me too. I'm using an MBox which is an audio interface that connect through USB and I was having latency issues (delay when recording) with it before but now I think I've got the audio driver all sorted out so that shouldn't be an issue anymore. I'm still waiting for the external hard drive to be sent to the music store where I'm probably buying an amp too. The hard drive is a Glyph 160 GB drive that spins at 7200 RPM, which is faster than the 30 GB hard drive in the iBook. Basically the 7200 RPM Glyph is a recording drive for music (or video if I so wished).

Anyway, I've not got much else going on other than that so...