Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Retreat, a treatment of sorts...

When I started this I didn't know how it was going to end but now I do and I'm pretty sure I can keep going to begin with I'm not much of an author yes I've written one book but it's been a little while since I've written anything and By the Way punctuation is implied see that's how I roll sure the book company would like me to add punctuation but since I don't really care it's all good later on your find out the things that I'm saying now are actually relevant to the story that you are going to read it's funny actually but enough about time building more about that building a lot of things but interpretation is everything see if there's no punctuation and who's to say what begins or ends. So that was the first run on sentence this is the second. Okay so that wasn't a run on sentence but the first certainly was and this one is also going to be quite a run on sentence before the completely expressed thoughts is conveyed from me to you and keeps going on until it reaches a point at which the run on sentence becomes almost a life source of it's own and independently gained its own will by itself continuing to run on and on and on more about that later or perhaps not either way it really isn't relevant so why do I write it. This story is a story about love and loss it's a story of time travel and is a story about being able to choose your own direction.  It is a heroes journey and don't worry there will be punctuation.

So forget that bit up there...  I was rambling but imagine if you will a stream of realities like on ramps and off ramps of sorts in the super-strings of time-space.  Taking one path leads only the mind to decide how the world is and believing the past is not the past but the future has led to a rewriting of the past to put the creator in league with his one true companion in this spiritual journey.  The follow up to CodeBase by Chris Johnson, me.