Friday, September 4, 2009

Jesus has returned but he's a communist!!!

I read a post on today. I think Fox News is anything but 'fair and balanced'. It's more like 'crooked and biased'. To be fair, I will retract that blanket statement because I'm sure there is an intern who works there who is still 'fair and balanced'. Forgive me, I'm a little irritated. Today is a good example why it's hard not to get sucked into this insanity.

I read an article, ironic as it is, about some 'controversy' over some comments made by Van Jones. I don't really care about the story itself other than it seems to detract from what that story really is about, at least as presented by I'll leave alone what the story really is though, to focus on the 'conspiratorial' actions taken by a lowly article comments moderator...

After reading part of the completely off base comments regarding the the relatively off base article, I decided to post a comment. I wrote the comment, hit the 'add comment' button and having had an issue with the website before, had made sure to copy my text before posting so I could repost if needed. Of course, I took note of the time and when that time passed in the comments cue and other people's comments started appearing that had been posted after mine, I reposted. And then needed to a third time. That's when I noticed the disclaimer below the 'fair and balanced' website comment box:

" Disclaimer: Comments are moderated and generally will be posted if they are on-topic and not abusive. "

Of course it was again, moderated out. I reposted in astonishment, reading the posts that were bluntly racist in some cases, as well as others that would clearly fall under the category of 'abusive'... Read for yourself:

After realizing that my posts were not appearing because the were being selectively moderated out, I reposted my comment with the additional comment directed to the moderator...

Unforgivable... You're seriously going to moderate that logical perspective that is completely relevant while allowing racial hate speech that is nothing but abusive...

I posted 4 comments and each one was 'moderated' because you chose to exclude me because I obviously do not fit your agenda... No matter, the truth will win.


I would be very interested to know how many of the people out there who profess to be Christian actually get that if they are waiting for Jesus to return to establish his kingdom on earth that it would likely be a socialist/communist society. I guess it's fine to pretend that is what you want on Sunday if you don't really believe it, so long as it makes you look good in front of others... Oh, and that whole love your neighbor thing, not to mention the 'green' co-exist in harmony with the planet so that we don't selfishly use it up or just ruin it for our children and their children... yah, that has nothing to do with capitalism. Capitalism, motivated by monetary gain, does nothing for society as a whole. Money doesn't even care about the individual. Capitalism reinforces greed and selfishness not caring and certainly not love.

Of course it was again not posted. I tried once more... nope. Denied 6 times, selective censorship of an opposing viewpoint.

Just to make sure it wasn't a technology issue, I tried to post just the original portion of the comment using an alternate browser... no dice. It was not posted.

As always, I invite comments. Oh, and by the way, I don't moderate them.