Sunday, April 30, 2006

Back home in KCMO

Well, I'm in the basement, at home in Kansas City, Missouri, having safely made the 16 day, roundtrip journey to the Hawaiian island of Maui. I stayed with my brother, at his house in Kahalui, which is where most of the locals live. He lives so close to the Maui Arts Center (MAC) that we were able to pretty much experience the entire kokua festival from the living room. The main acts were Ben Harper, Willie Nelson and Jack Johnson. We went up to the MAC and showed up right as Jack Johnson was going on stage. We parked and hung out in the parking lot, drinking beer and such.

I recorded some stuff while I was there but I really took advantage of the concept that it was a vacation and just chilled out and relaxed most of the time. I still have to edit together the rest of the raw video footage that I took while I was there. I'd recorded a song with Garageband while I was there, utilizing some default loops but I also played my harmonica, which I'd brought with me. I used my iPod as an external hard-drive to save the session and have been trying to come up with the rest of the lyrics for the song, which is still untitled.

At any rate, I had a blast and would love to go back someday, perhaps even move there for a year or so, though I don't see that happening anytime soon.