Monday, August 2, 2004

Alright... Well, last night I set about working on the program that I've been building. I added several new things, removing other things and setting up the program so it would be able to be run as bonus content on a mixed-mode CD, basically a music CD with a CD-ROM portion that contains the program, Dylan VAIos 2004. It's still very much a beta program and has earned the right to be called that as there a still many bugs to be worked out. Hopefully I'll finish the program soon but it's starting to look like the entire thing may be pushed back to early 2005, when I feel more comfortable with releasing it as a program that can run from the CD without the need for updates.

Speaking of updates, I spent a couple hours last night helping my father get his computer up to date. It was in desperate need of the updates too. I don't think he'd ever done a windows update but even still, it took way less time to do the updates than expected, though we still have to add a couple more programs like an anti-virus program and Ad-Aware. I'm also going to have him install the .NET Framework 1.1 so that he can run the program I'm building on his computer. Hopefully he will see all the work I've been doing on it.

It just occured to me I have to vote today. One of the propositions up for a vote today is one that is proposing the construction of a new arena in Kansas City. I'd already decided, despite my fathers forceful words that I vote in favor of it, that I was planning on voting for it anyway. It would be nice if the acoustics of the building were taken into consideration this time, unlike was done with the construction of Kemper Arena. I could care less about any basketball or hockey teams why might potentially get from the arena, but am very interested in the musical acts that would possibly play there in the future. Anyway, I'm making sure my vote counts. Too bad no one reads this blog... At least no one that I know of.

Anyway, I'll try to write some more in a few days.